This hurts. Still doesn’t seem real. My childhood would never have been the same without him. He was my favorite and one of my greatest heroes. A genius. I spent countless hours watching him on loop in my living room growing up as so many of us did. Almost made it feel like you knew him. Somehow I feel like I lost a friend. Can’t imagine how those who were lucky enough to have known him must feel. My heart goes out to them.

Liz Gillies (about Robin Williams)

It took me such a long time to understand this. So i wanted to write this so that maybe it would open someone’s eyes. You’re in this world under a certain name and a certain figure. a certain personality and characteristics you gain through the years as you grow up you get wiser. (if you let yourself learn from what life gives you.)

So many people hate what they look like in the mirror. They see themselves and hate the details on themselves, some of you didn’t even know exist. Some dislike how short tempered they are, or even the fact that they are way too nice. How they judge too quickly, or that they take pride way too seriously. Some may not have the best timing to complete works other may pressure him/herself until they lose it to finish it in time.

Even the most confident person can name couple of things that they dislike. A name, an image or even characteristics aren’t permanent.

The first thing I’ve realized is that, if you don’t like something. if it makes you upset or depressed. get off your ass and change it. Lose weight if you want to. But don’t starve exercise and eat healthy. Don’t like your time management, work on that, ask for help. There is almost nothing you cannot do unless you set your mind in it. Instead of depressing over it, make a change. you never know who you can inspire.

The second thing I’ve realized. If you’re willing to do any of those above, do it for you. Do it because you’re not happy. Do it to make peace with yourself, to me thats the key to happiness. Do it for the confidence you’ll get. Because in the end those people dont matter.

I suggest you, at night before you sleep. Think to yourself. what did i do today to make myself a better person. Cause there is no end in learning. Ask yourself if i made anyone feel less that they are today. Also another key word, always and always emphasize before you act.

I full heartedly hope this helped at least one person. love you all. xx